How to setup FTP on Localhost using XAMPP | Windows localhost FTP server

Creating an FTP server on localhost is quite easy. Just install XAMPP and follow these steps:

Setting up FTP on Localhost Using XAMPP

  1. Open XAMPP control panel and click the start button next to Filezilla.
  2. Go to C:xamppFileZillaFTP or to the proper directory if you have installed xampp in another directory.
  3. Open Filezilla server interface.exe and you will see the following dialog – 
    Filezilla FTP setup on Localhost

  4. Click OK and the filezilla FTP interface will open up. Here you can add users and manage their credentials.
    Filezilla FTP explorer setup on Localhost

  5. Click on edit->users and then add button on the right hand side, here you can create users that can access localhost using FTP. Let’s name the user TestUser, for now leave the group to none.
    Filezilla FTP user credential passoword and username

  6. Congratulations! You have successfully created a FTP user, now you can assign a password to this user that the user will have to use to connect to localhost FTP server.
  7. Now you need to specify a folder for FTP file sharing, Just select the user that you just made and click shared folders under the pages section on the left hand side.
    Filezilla FTP file sharing

  8. Click add under the shared folder section and select the folder where you want files to be transferred using FTP. You also need to select Write permission on the right side under permissions section if you want your user to be able to upload new files. Similarly you can also select other options from the files sections according to you need.
    And you are done, now just use the password and username for the FTP Client that you created and connect to localhost using FTP.

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