Create a MySQL Sign Up Database using XAMPP.

First of all download XAMPP from here for your Machine and then install it.
After installing run it and then start Apache and Mysql by simply clicking of start.
Then open your browser and go to localhost/xampp, remember you will get resolving error if you don’t start Apache and you can’t create Database if you don’t turn on Mysql.
When the page resolves you will receive a list of languages you can choose from.
After selecting your preferred language, a new page will open. Select phpmyadmin on the bottom left under the tools section.
Now we can start creating Database. On the top left, click on new and then write any name you want, the general naming practice is yourname_db. Don’t worry about the dropdown next to the name for now and simply click create.
There you go your database is created. Now we just need to add tables and columns.
To do that select your  newly created DB from the list on the left and create table.
For the purpose of our sign up tutorial, we will name the table tbl_user and we will make 6 columns for id, email, username, phone, password, and address. After creating the table with 6  columns, you will reach a page like this.

Now create the column id, name, email, password, phone and address. The type of id should be int and for all other select the type varchar. You must specify a length for fields with varchar datatype. Type around 100 for all. Lastly in the index dropdown select primary for id and also check AI(auto increment) right next to it. Leave the rest as it.
Voila! you have created your database ready to be used with this PHP sign up lesson.
If you have any problems, please feel free to drop them below. Happy coding.

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