Add Multiple Tags to a button

If you want to add a single tag, then you can simply do this-
setTag(1, object1); Or setTage(object1);
where 1 is the key, you can also do this without a key for just one tag and then use it like –

button.getTag(1); or button.getTag() if you haven’t set a key.

NOTE- The method above will not work with multiple tags, do this adding for multiple tags-

Google recommends to use unique id- “The specified key should be an id declared in the resources of the application to ensure it is unique.”

Every resource you create can have an ID, a string (R.string.*, or a layout (R.layout.*) or an individual View(*) .

To create a resource ID, which can be used just as the ones you set in XML using +id, add the create an XML with any name in res/value with the following code-

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>

    <item type=”id” name=”position” />
    <item type=”id” name=”color” />

You can create as many items as you wish with type id and unique name and use it with setTag as-

setTag(, object1);   //position is already defined above in the 
setTag(, object2);    //position is already defined above in the 

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