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Why the Move to iOS app is a flop initially?

Vishal Shrestha
If you are not living under the rocks, then you might already know about Apple's first app in Google's play store,"Move to iOS". As you've already guessed from the name, this app is supposed to transfer you data securely from android to iPhone or iPad. Currently this app just works on phone or tablets with Android 4.0 and above.

Enough intro, now let's try to speculate why this Tech giant's "Move to iOS" app has a mere 1.8 rating(September 17, 2015)! Seems Android users are not enjoying this app of Apple. First of all let's not consider any rivalry and prejudice, and approach this app strictly from the view of usability, functionality and design.

The first experiment of Apple that failed with "Move to iOS" is to opt out on Material design. Perhaps Apple wanted to give the users a taste of the iOS design, but according to reviews it has definitely turned out to be a bad move. Material design was wildly accepted and loved since it was rolled out with Lollipop. Apple could have followed the design guidelines but they were audacious enough to completely disregard it and thus the bullying and 1 star hate spree in Google play.
To add on, the app has been reported to be incompatible with many android devices like LG G3, nexus 6.
The app also doesn't seem to work properly with iPhone 3G, yes people still use it.

Besides that the app is pretty neat. We cannot expect a simple app from a company like Apple to be buggy and it's not. The Android users seem to hate it because they feel Apple is in the Playstore, just to express it's superiority. True, not true only Apple knows. There are one in a thousand good reviews but it doesn't come close to the hate that is being spewed on Apple in the Playstore. Here's what some people are saying about the app:


Antriksh Saxena -Why is there not an option to give -ve stars!

Irinel Loghin - Fake. Uninstalling this stupid app and suing it for false advertising!

Robert kirsch - I'd rather be shot in the face then to switch to a closed controlled environment.

Josh Holmes - Apple hit a new low. Apple's first contribution to Android and this is what they have to offer. Ridiculous.

Gabz Severi- Why is this app allowed to appear on the play store???  The app is terrible.

People are wondering why Google is even accommodating this app in the Playstore, but if i were Google I'd be getting one hell of laugh right now. Bottom line- Apple will not lose any of their current users and it definitely helped some and will help people moving to iPhones but they appeared to have angered many of the prospective iPhone owners. What do you think of "Move to iOS"? let me know in the comments below. :)

Vishal Shrestha / Author & Founder

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