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Google Material Design | GAME

Vishal Shrestha
Let's be honest here, You LOVE Material Design and we have all seen plenty of awesome apps with material design. But here's something interesting, Material Design Games. Turns out, there are quite a few games with material design in them. Most of these are small, just one Objective games but there are some are mid-sized casual games too. I love them. Why? Because they look beautiful, they are small and of course surprisingly addictive. Let's take a look.

1.Bubble Popper Battle
Update- Doesn't work properly in high density devices
First of all, I love this game because it let's me fight my friend and It's Offline. I believed my reflexes were fast but then i came along this game. It's the perfect way to kill time whether you are Alone or With a friend. You can choose the time for how long you want to battle your friend and also there are two battle modes Territorial and Global. I won't spoil it and tell you what it is. Go ahead and DOWNLOAD and try it yourself. Defeat your own highscore and maybe one day you will be on the top of the leaderboard.
DOWNLOAD- Bubble Popper Battle

2.Bing Bong
This is one of the first material design game I played. All you have to do is control a green dot that is constantly moving up and down.If you are successful to get to the other end. You earn a point. You have to avoid the moving blocks and you can reduce the speed of the green dot by touching it.

The is the last game i will be reviewing today. You are a blue dot this time which is constantly moving in a circular path. Tapping the finger make the circle go around in opposite direction. There are obstacles that you have to avoid including the wall

These are some of the games I have played that felt material. Of course there must be many more material design games like this and maybe better too. All these can be found in the play store and there are many probably better than this. Try them and tell me which one is your favorite. Or Comment below if you know some more! Game on! :)

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