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Differentiate between fake and real samsung accessories

Vishal Shrestha
There are a lot of accessories in the market these days that look Exactly like the original but are if fact copies. Sometimes you actually want to buy those as they area lot cheaper than the original but sometimes you are swindled into buying those even after paying the full price. It can be really difficult to differentiate between fake and original accessories. Here are some ways to differentiate between fake and original Samsung accessories-

1. Charger- Notice the encircled region.

Source - Flimgyan

2. Here the  Gap between all the letters in original is the same whereas the gap between S and A is far more less in the copied piece.

Source - Flimgyan

3. The top edges in the copied version is far more sharper then the original version.

Source - Flimgyan

4. USB cable- You can see the clearly see the difference in the size between the fake and original copies of the usb cable.
Source - Flimgyan

I understand that buying the duplicate copies can be a lot cheaper, in fact it can be less that 1/3 of the original price, however the quality of the accessories is also compromised and it cannot be guaranteed that the accessories will work properly with the device. Moreover, fake accessories may not follow the design guidelines and be harmful for you phone.

So next time be careful what you choose to buy for your device, hopefully you would be able to make out the difference between the real and fake accessories. There must be more of these differences. But for today this is it. If you know any more way to find out difference between fake and real accessories, do comment below.

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