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Where is my file?

Vishal Shrestha
Why is it deleted?

This usually happens when there are errors in your XML files.

  • Check errors inside your XML files, Remember not to use any capital cases while naming Resources. This was the problem in my case.
  • Other common places are /layout/ and /values/ especially if you've changed one of them recently.
  • You might have changed a string, and forget to change the string name from AndroidManifest.xml.
  • Your android SDK tools and SDK Platform-tool and Build tools might not match
  • Fix all errors in your XML files and Build again. Remember - Resource and file names must be in small case.
  • If you had somehow imported android.R in your activity, remove it.
  • Run Project -> Clean. This will delete and regenerate R and BuildConfig.
  • Make sure Project -> Build Automatically is ticked. If not, build it manually via Menu -> Project -> Build Project .
  • If it still doesn't work, try right-clicking your project -> Android Tools -> Fix Project Properties.
  • Check your *.properties files (in the root folder of your app folder) and make sure that the links in there are not broken.
  • The build target should match the target in AndroidManifest.xml.
  • If you are sure everything else is right, you can try to copy the file of another project and clean you project.

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