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How to fix google play no connection error? FIXED

Vishal Shrestha
I have read that it may happen because of Cache, country restrictions, password problems, root access hash problems and tabular data encryption errors. In my case it happened because i used an app(Freedom) with root access to make in-app purchases without paying for it, yeah yeah I know it's unethical. So, beware if you want to use the app, it works for very few apps now that are generally developed by indie developers. I know you have tried rebooting and most of the other advises like setting time and date right etc. So here are few methods that will definitely fix your issue. 

  • Clear Cache, App Data of google play store.
  • Reinstall google play store APK.
  • Uninstall updates for google play store.
  • Remove all the Proxy Servers and VPNs if you used those to access Play store.
  • Delete Host File(Rooted Devices Only) Go to File Manager App in your Android device and open it. Go to root/system/etc.
If you have tried the other common methods and all of these and still getting the error, then i am afraid you will have to factory reset your phone. If you choose to do so maybe you would want to create a backup first. Hope this will fix your Google play no connection error.

Vishal Shrestha / Author & Founder

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