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Android Studio or Eclipse (Beginner)

Vishal Shrestha
As the topic has parenthesized Beginner, i will not dig deep and just give you enough information to decide between the two. Short answer- Go with android studio. :D

Android Studio
First of all, Android Studio is the official platform for Android development, made by Google.
Google wants everybody to use Android Studio for Android development. According to Google "The ADT plugin for Eclipse is no longer in active development", But that doesn't mean Eclipse is going to die, we'll discuss eclipse but first lets take a look at the key features of Android Studio.
  • It's entirely created for Android.
  • Android Studio uses Gradle, a project management system, that many Android libraries now use too, so later on when you start using libraries you will have it much easier with Android Studio.
  • The XML layout is better, you can have both, code and design in the same window.
  • It has advance Android code completion and refactoring.
  • It supports build variants and multiple-APK generation .
Android Studio's First stable version was released recently, you can read about it here.

Eclipse can be called the granddaddy of IDEs; although it doesn’t offer native Android support, it does have some nice tools to help you build Android applications—one such tool is the Google Plugin for Eclipse, made by Google, but the plugin is no longer in active development.

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